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Name:Kazunori Fukatsu
Jersey No: 4
Position: Point Guard
Grade: Senior
Comments: Captain of Sannoh. Loves to say 'pyon' at the end of his lines. He is a excellent point guard and no matter what the situation is he will score. Extremely calm and calculating, pretty much perfect.

Name:Nobe Masahiro
Jersey No: 5
Position: Power Forward
Grade: Senior
Comments: Known as Totem Pole. Has great skill under the basket and even manages to hold Hanamichi back. However Hanamichi makes a comeback and using his natural born athletism, beats Masahiro.

Name:Matsumoto Minoru
Jersey No: 6
Position: Small Guard
Grade: Senior
Comments: A well known defensive player. Used to mark Mitsui and has the greatest tolerance level of all Sannoh players.

Name:Kawata Masashi
Jersey No: 7
Position: Center
Grade: Senior
Height: 190cm
Comments: Also known as Maru Go-ri (round gorilla). Perhaps is Japan's best center, even Akagi and Hanamichi can't match him. He has risen in position in the team since his increase in height by 30cm in secondary school. He was one time a small forward then he changed to being a center (due to his height increase). With the knowledge and skill of having played in the front of the court and at the back, Masashi is the ultimate center.

Name:Satoshi Ichinokura
Jersey No: 8
Position: Small Guard
Grade: Sophomore
Comments: If Eiji wasn't in the Sannoh team, Satoshi would have been the ace of Sannoh. Competent in all areas and a high scorer. 

Name:Sawakita Eiji
Jersey No: 9
Position: Small Forward
Grade: Sophomore
Comments: Is Japan's Number 1 basketball player, and Rukawa's objective to defeat. No matter in every skill, defending and attacking, he surpasses any high school player (or university for the matter).

Name:Kawata Mikio
Jersey No: 15
Position: Center
Height: 210cm
Weight: 130kg
Grade: Freshman
Comments: Known as Maruo (round man). Younger brother to Masashi, and even bigger 210cm 130 kg. Has a incredible pressure to move to the basket, where he will do a rebound shot and score. Constantly apologises to his brother and eventually overcome by Hanamichi's stunning leg strength.

Sannoh's supporting cast 

Sannoh's coach and great strategist. Can calmly make decisions and knows what has to be done. Even when the pressure is against Sannoh, he will think of ways around the problem. 

Eiji's dad and the one who taught Eiji from birth to play basketball. Also Eiji's first opponent.
The game against Sannoh was one of the greatest games ever played by Team Shohoku. Sannoh was known to be one of the greatest teams participating in the Inter-High and Shohoku defeated them with a score of 79-78. It was a narrow win but a win nonetheless! ^^
In this match, one of the most memorable moments was Sakuragi and Rukawa doing a high-five. It was cool and definitely heartwarming. This game mostly revolves around Rukawa and how he finally learns about teamwork and he stops playing like Shohoku is all about himself. Sakuragi badly injured his back in this game. And He couldn't play in the final match.