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Ryokufu High School is one of the teams which Shohoku has a practice game (in OVA3). Ryokufu High School is a private school and they settled their team new so they will not join the trials. 

Name: Nadaka Hikaru
Forma No: 4
Position: Center
Weight : 88
Height : 195cm

Name: Katsumi Ichirou
Forma No: 5
Position: Small Guard
Weight : 72
Height : 185cm
He is from the same secondary school as Mitsui. He looks down Mitsui because of his two years break. 

Name: Ebina Kaoru
Forma No: 6
Position: Point Guard
Weight : 81
Height : 177cm

Name: Seiji Tsumuri
Forma No: 7
Position: Point Guard
Weight : 88
Height : 175cm
His role with his twin bro is to confuse rival team at defence or offence

Name: Keiji Tsumuri
Forma No: 8
Position: Point Guard
Weight : 88
Height : 175cm

Name: Totsuka Tetsuya
Forma No: 9
Position: Power Forward
Weight : 75
Height : 180cm

Name: Michael Okita
Forma No: 13
Position: Small Forward
Weight : 88
Height : 192cm
He played in America and just came back. Because of this Rukawa wanted to play aganist him

Ofuna Sensei
Team Coach. He looks silent beside the team manager but when the time comes he shows himself.

Fujikawa Eri
Team Manager. She thinks Shohoku as a weak and easy rival. She also has hatred aganist to Rukawa because she asked him to join their team but he didn't give attention her.