Miuradai High School

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Mirudai High School

Name: Murasame Kengo
Jersey No: 4

Name: Miyamato
Jersey No:6

Name: Araki
Jersey No:5 
Position: Shooting Guard 


Name: Tetsuya Naito  (anime)
Jersey No: 9

Miruadai High School was the first school which Shohoku had a match with in the Kanagawa Trials. At the beginning of the match Rukawa, Sakuragi, Miyagi and Mitsui were on the bench because of the fight they had in gym. Although the game of Akagi and Kogure Shohoku was losing. Sakuragi, Miyagi and Mitsui pleaded to Anzai to forgive them and allow them to enter game.

Mirudai isn't strong but they did have a secret weapon, Tetsuya Naito - a bald guy from the rugby club. He caused mayhem in the match by causing Sakuragi to make countless fouls until Sakuragi was ejected. The fun part was Sakuragi attempted a dunk and dunked the guy's shiny bald head instead and caused him to froth at his mouth. That guy was the strong point of their team but also the weak point as he actually didn't know much about basketball.