Kainan Basketball Team

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Kainan Basketball Team

Name : Maki Shinichi
Jersey No : 4
Position : Point Guard - Captain
Height : 184 cm
Weight: 79 kg
Grade : Senior
Nickname :Old Man (given by Sakuragi)
Comments :Kanagawa's Number 1 seed. Possesses incredible speed and stamina, plus the will to score no matter what blocks his way. As a player he is calm and precise, even Sendoh finds it hard to stop Maki's offense. Kainan's offense is based mainly around Maki. 

Name : Miyamasu Yoshinori
Jersey No : 15
Position : Forward
Height : 160 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Grade : Senior
Comments :Succeeded in psyching out Hanamichi Sakuragi with his small size. Don't look at his appearance and think him a mistake on the Kainan team. He is an excellent 3 point shooter, second to Jin. Also his statue has affected Hanamichi to lose concentration. Hanamichi thinking Kainan are mocking him by sending this pip squeak to mark him. 

Name : Jin Souichirou
Jersey No : 6
Position : shooting Guard
Height : 189 cm
Weight: 71 kg
Grade : Sophomore
Comments :Kanagawa's highest scorer. Is excellent at shooting far away, like Mitsui. Invaluable to Kainan team and is supportive of his team's players. Did 500 3-point shots a day after practice to become a good outside shooter. Chosen one of the best five in the Kanagawa Trials. Also a childhood friend with Ryonans Fukuda. 

Name : Kiyota Nobunaga
Jersey No : 10
Position : Small Forward
Height : 178 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Grade : Freshman
Nickname :Field monkey, #1 Rookie (Only by himself).
Comments :Nearly same kind of personality as Hanamichi Sakuragi. Known as Nozaru (monkey), mainly because he is small and laughs like a monkey (chattering). Good at defense, incredible leaping ability, and claims (himself) to be the Number 1 new boy in Kanagawa. Has an ambition to beat Rukawa, and often bickers with Hanamichi. 

Name : Takasago Kazuma
Jersey No : 5
Position : Center
Height : 191 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Grade : Senior
Comments :Looks kinda like Akagi, same hair cut and facial look. Has enough skill and power to keep Hanamichi at bay under the basket. In the match is resourceful and powerful. Among his amazing plays was his being able to get Uozumi out of the game early due to forced fouls. 

Name :Muto Tadashi
Jersey No : 9
Position : Power Forward
Height : 186 cm
Weight: 81 kg
Grade : Senior
Comments : Muto is the curly haired guy who was among those who played against fourth placers Takezoto (Maki and Nobunaga never entered that game). Basically, he wanted to send the message that going against Kainan is not just going against Maki or their super stars but also going against the team as a whole. He is great a passing and good at defense. However he isn't very good at attacking, only helps open chances. 

Kainan's coach, and adversary to Ryonan's coach Moichi Taoka. Has a very good analytical ability of players and is good at strategy. In just a few minutes he can see Hanamichi's weakness and exploit them to maximum effect. When the odds are against Kainan he loses his cool and becomes very heated, and angry.