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Shohoku High & Shohoku Basketball Team

Name: Akagi Takenori
Jersey No: 4
Position: Center/Captain
Height: 197 cm
Weight: 90kg
Grade: Senior / 3-6
Birthday: May 10
Nickname : Gorrila (Gori)
Shoe Brand :
Hobby : Basketball( obviously~!)
Dreams : Make Shohoku the best basketball team in Japan
Seiyuu : Yanada Kiyoyuki
Akagi is the team captain and center of the Shohoku Basket Ball Team, has a well-known nickname, gorilla because that is what he looks like. He is one of the top three centers in Japan, in fact, he was even approached by a top university . He is really smart and the cleverest in the basketball team as some of the basketballers flunked their tests . Akagi is a really hard working player and has a very difficult job of being team captain; Because of Sakuragi and Rukawa are always fighting, or arguing or just doing something that pisses him off.
Akagi is has a vey good leadership ability. He is extremely strong and excels in defense and attack. However, he is most famous for his 'Gori punch' on Hanamichi's head and his 'Gori Dunk'.Very good leadership ability, . He's also famous for his 2 handed "Gorrila Dunk"
Akagi meets Hanamichi by accident when his players are outside for some fresh air. Hanamichi insults Basketball as some kind of kids game, Akagi is furious and lays down a challenge. Using unorthodox methods, Hanamichi wins the challenge with a powerful dunk. Attitude wise Akagi is strict and sober, he only allows people with dedication to join the basketball team. Hanamichi, using various ways, manages to persuade Akagi to let him join.
In the last series, Akagi left the basketball team and became a regular college student.

Name: Kogure Kiminobu
Jersey No: 5
Position: Small Forward / Vice Captain
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Grade: Senior / 3-6
Birthday: July 12
Nickname : Megane-kun
Shoe Brand : Mizuno
Hobby : Basketball, Books?
Dreams : To get the basketball team into IH. (Inter-high)
Seiyuu : Tanaka Hideyuki
Kiminobu is the vice-captain of the Shohoku basketball team and I think he looks pretty good in spectacles although his miko, Shiro-chan prefer lens for him. He is a very calm person, nice, peace keeper, very demure and a little shy sometimes.
He is a more simple unlike the other characters,. He is neither too proud nor too humble. He speaks his mind without much reservation. He was impressed by Hanamichi's capabilities from the very beginning and he is not afraid to say so. He seems quite intelligent, doing good at schoolwork, and very perceptive. He's a guy who can understand your very soul with a single glance. Hanamichi and Mitsui know this side very well.
He's always eager to help his friends if they need it, in every way. He can stop Sakuragi from bickering, insulting and molesting. No one dares to deny him anything, too. He's not the fighting type like Sakuragi, Ryouta or Mitsui, and definitely won't punch his underclassmen like Gori often does. However, he can be a very good mediator, if needed.
Unlike Akagi he is kind and supportive to Hanamichi. Often called 'Megane' or glasses because he wears spectacles.

Name : Mitsui Hisashi
Jersey No : 14
Position : Shooting Guard
Height : 184cm
Weight: 70kg
Grade : Senior / 3-3
Birthday : May 22
Nickname : Miccy
Shoe Brand : Asics

Dreams : To be a most valuable player in the eyes of Anzai-sensei.
Seiyuu : Okiayu Ryotaro
Mitsui Hisashi was a MVP in his junior high school days in the national championship. When he joined the Shohoku Basketball team he was naturally the team captain, but then one day he sustained a very very serious knee injury, Mitsui had to quit because of this. After a couple of months his knee was ok again he went back, except this time everybody had forgotten him and Akagi was now team captain. This threw Mitsui in despair, he started hanging around gangsters. Since then he has been leader of the 3rd year bad boys. The actual true motive for him to get at Ryota is that Ryota can play basketball, whilst Mitsui deep down inside wants to play too. Meeting Anzai sensei only makes the emotion even more hard. Luckily he is back in the Shohoku team, making a new start when he was a senior. Having rejoined the team, he has played an important part in Shohoku's success with his crucial three pointers at vital stages of the match. Furthermore, Mitsui posses a good all round game, much like Rukawa but as seen in Slamdunk, his skills are just a touch inferior.
He is very charismatic, arrogant and fiery. When he was in the gangster days, ruthless to the point of cruelty, but has retimed a lot. Loyal to his true friends, but never forgives an offense even when he has promised he'd never pick a fight again.
He is very devoted to Anzai-sensei because of the encouragement he gave to him in the final seconds of the elementary school basketball tournament. An excellent three point shooter, although he also was chosen as Most Valuable Player in that tournament. Like Rukawa, he does not have a lot of stamina, probably because he didn't do sports his first two years in high school.
As a player he is strong willed and always ready to fight for the victory, maybe the best 3-point shooter, along with Jin Souichiro and Miyamasu Yoshinori from Kainan Basketball Team. His flaw would be his bad temper and limited stamina.
Has a scar on the left side of his chin and replacement front teeth (which were knocked off by Miyagi in a fight during his gangsters days).

Name : Miyagi Ryouta
Jersey No : 7
Position : Point Guard
Height : 168cm
Weight: 59kg
Grade : Sophomore / 2-1
Birthday : July 31
Nickname : Ryouchin , Shorty
Dreams : Be the best PG in Japan, most of all, to finally go out with Ayako!
Seiyuu : Shioya Yoku
Miyagi Ryota is the point guard of the Shohoku Basketball team. He is one of the best guards in Kanagawa. He is the shortest yet the fastest member of Shohoku. He is the point guard and has tremendous ball handling skills and assists.
He is a very sensitive person, and like Hanamichi he got dumped by a considerably amount of girls, that is why they get along so well. Miyagi has this huge crush on the teams manager, but he has never had the guts to tell her. like Hanamichi, he joined basketball to impress the girl he likes. With such similarity, Miyagi and Sakuragi became bext buddies in the team. He meets Hanamichi with Ayako (girl whom he fancies) and immediate gets the wrong idea that Hanamichi is Ayako's boyfriend. Since then, Ryota learns that Hanamichi is much like him, though Ryota has only been dumped 10 times. Ryota and Hanamichi are both in the basketball team because they cannot get the girl that they love, but they still have basketball. Ryota goes onto teach Hanamichi how to do fake moves. Miyagi was also a punk, but when he joined the basket ball team he turned over a new life. Also a former 'wild-child' like Mitsu, Miyagi has fought off the temptations of engaging in fights and has set his sights towards being the best point guard.
In the end of the series Miyagi gets the honor of being team captain, personally I thought it was pretty surprising.

Name : Rukawa Kaede
Jersey No : 11
Position : Small Forward
Height : 187cm
Weight : 75kg
Eye Color : Dark blue
Hair Color : Black
Grade : Freshman / 1-10
Birthday : Jan 1
Nickname : Super Rookie, Shohoku's Ace, Fox Man(Kitsune Otoko)
Shoe Brand : Air Jordan, Nike
Hobby : Basketball!!! Sleeping, Cycling,
Dreams : To be the best basketball player in Japan and play in USA
Seiyuu : Midorikawa Hikaru
cool, quiet, reserved, serious, studious natured, untalkative …
An all around good basketball player. Rukawa Kaede is the best rookie player of the Shohoku team. Also, when he graduated from middle school he was already a star Basketball player. As the ranking points highlights, he is a prolific point scorer and also has a good overall game both in attack and defense. He jumps like if he had springs attached to his feet, dribbles as if the ball was attached to him, drives with the speed of Michael Johnson and lays the ball up with grace and elegance.
He is indifferent to everything except to Basketball. Has the habit of sleeping even in class, but when it comes to basketball he is regarded as an ace.
his only possible weakness is that he doesn't really depend on his team members and when things start going bad, he always try to change the flow of the game by himself, which usually works.
Going to America to play basketball is his future plan, but after Anzai-Sensei 's words him to become the best player in Japan first, he has become a very determined and focused player.
He first meets Hanamichi on the Shohoku rooftop after fighting with some 3rd year bad boys, and the two have shown a dislike for one another. Perhaps Rukawa regards Hanamichi as a friend since the first encounter. More over they bicker like good friends and often scuffle like two kids. Hanamichi's progress makes Rukawa look in surprise.
People usually say he plays by himself and not join team game. I see him giving passes to his team mates for a lot of times. when he needs he play team game but if there is not any difficulty for him he prefers to play by himself. We see him whenever the team begins to loose he play his game and reasurres his team.

Name : Sakuragi Hanamichi
Jersey No : 10 (which should have been Rukawa's no., but he insisted on having that no.)
Position : Power Forward
Height : 188cm
Weight : 83kg
Eye Color : Brown
Hair Color : Red
Grade : Freshman / 1-7
Birthday : April 1
Nickname : Genius(Tensai), Basketman, Shohoku's Secret Weapon(Himitsu Heiki), Rebound King, D' aho (by Rukawa)
Shoe Brand :Nike
Shoe Size : 280
Hobby : Pachinko, Fight, Quarrel With Rukawa
Dreams : Beat Rukawa , Be the best rebound catcher in the state , Be the boy friend of Haruko
Seiyuu : Kusao Takeshi
The star of the manga is a hot-headed, red haired, arrogant, freshman. He holds an unbelievable record of 50 rejections with girls, and as such is made fun of by Sakuragi guntai (friends whom tag along with him). He meets Akagi Haruko and falls instantly for her. Later he realises that Haruko has a crush on Rukawa. What is more unforgivable is Rukawa shows no interest, this makes Hanamichi brand Rukawa as a foe. Later this enmity spreads to Basketball, and the two often get into fights.
Although He only started to play basketball since the start of 1st year of senior high, he becomes very important member of the team because of his ability to change the momentum of the game with his athleticism, 'out of the blue' blocks, defense, steals, and of course tremendous rebounding skills. He has a special gift in jumping, getting rebounds and running. He is so hyperactive and never seems to tire! A direct contrast to Rukawa is our very own Hanamichi who does not posses great skills and is often viewed by his teammates as a pompous twit.
This self-proclaimed 'tensai', 'genius', 'basket-man', and 'rebound king' adds a new dimension to the team with his determination and hard at the ball attitude. However, the most important aspect is his humorous antics which indeed makes him the butt of many jokes. Along with his fighting abilities, he is indeed a 'tensai'.
Hanamichi has a fiery temper and created a lot of funny situations because of his ignorance and rash behaviour.

Name: Yasuda Yasuharu
Jersey No: 6
Position: Guard
Height: 164 cm
Birthday: 28th March

Name: Shiozaki Tetsushi
Jersey No: 8
Height: 170 cm
Birthday: 23rd September

Name: Kakuta Satoru
Jersey No: 9
Height: 180 cm
Birthday: 4th November


Name: Ishii Kentarou
Jersey No: 12
Height: 170 cm
Birthday: 18th January


Name: Sasaoka Satoro
Jersey No: 13
Height: 171 cm
Birthday: 13th October

Name: Kuwata Toki
Jersey No: 15
Height: 162 cm
Birthday: 28th July

Anzai Sensei (Anzai Mitsuyoshi) : Coach
In the past he is know as THE WHITE HAIR GHOST, because of his strict training, but now he is know as 'WHITE HAIR BUDDHA' as his attitude is more gentle. Appearance is fat and loves to laugh 'Ho Ho Ho'. In his youth he was a player of the All Japan Basketball team (must have been alot thinner then). Hanamichi constantly pulls his double chin, or pats his round stomache. He sees in Hanamichi and Rukawa a pair of players who will stun the whole of Japan.

Ayako : Team Manager
Ryota's love interest. In the same class as Ryota and has often rejected him to go out. Carries a large paper fan and is a very strong attitude girl. She is the manager (more like helper) to the basketball team. Her task is teaching the new boy Hanamichi how to handle the ball and dribble. 


Akagi Haruko : Co-Manager
The girl whom Hanamichi fancies and yet doesn't realise (pretty slow huh). Upon meeting Hanamichi and seeing his great height, Haruko asked 'Do you like basketball?'. Also the person who introduced Hanamichi to basketball and taught him how to dunk. Quite a contrast to her brother Akagi, as she is gentle and shy.