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Name :Tsuyoshi Minami
Jersey No : 4
Position : Small Forward
Height : 184 cm
Grade : Senior
Comments :Also known as 'Ace Killer'. Because he uses means to take out the ace player of any team i.e. using elbow or knee. But he actually is a very good long distance shooter, and his defense is good too. Against Rukawa he finally realises what ambition is all about.

Name :Kinori Kishimoto
Jersey No : 5
Position : Power Forward
Height : 188 cm
Grade : Senior
Comments :Second highest scorer in his district (1st is Minami). Responsible for defending as well, though his temper is bad. He has a bad side which Hanamichi easily makes surface.

Name :Daijiro Itakura
Jersey No : 6
Position : Point Guard
Height : 183 cm
Grade :sophomore
Comments :3rd highest scorer in Toyotama. Good at shooting 3 pointers. In the match he contantly mocks Ryota's height.

Name :Kyohei Yagima
Jersey No : 7
Position : Small Forward
Height : 180 cm
Grade :Senior
Comments :Another attack player, good at passing and helping others to score.

Name :Mitsuaki Iwata
Jersey No : 8
Position : Center
Height : 190 cm
Grade :Senior
Comments :190 cm center for Toyotama, has a good skill to guard under the basket, but Akagi is much better.
Toyotama's supporting cast 

Official retired ex coach of Toyotama. The strategy used by Toyotama 80% attack and 20 defense is thought up by him. All the players respect Jiei sensei and keep to his strategy even though he has left them. 

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