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Ryonan Basketball Team

Name : Uozumi Jun
Jersey No : 4
Position : Center - Captain
Height : 202cm
Weight: 90kg
Grade : Senior
Nickname : Monkey (Bozuzaru)
Comments : Rival of Tekanori Akagi. Kinda Self-confident.Ryonan's version of Akagi and even bigger. Uozumi has trained himself to beat Akagi, and is pretty formidable under the basket. Attitude he is really serious in the game,and can be frightening, but outside of the game he is in fact a reasonable big guy. 

Name: Sendoh Akira
Jersey No: 7
Position: Small Forward, Point Guard
Height: 190cm
Weight: 79kg
Grade: Sophomore
Birthday: Feb 14 (?)
Nickname:Spiky Head (among SD fans)
Comments: Know As: Ryonan's Ace. A rival of Kaede Rukawa. Their skill are about the same. He has a very mellow personality, and in many ways, is more captain for the team than Uozumi. Admired by the whole team who believe no matter what Sendoh will bring victory to them. As a person Sendoh is very casual and friendly, in fact Ryonan's coach Moichi Taoka finds it hard to get angry with him. Sendoh is impressed with Hanamichi's progress and urges him to keep improving so as Hanamichi can one day beat him. 

Name: Fukuda Kiccho
Jersey No: 13
Position: Power Forward
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Grade: Sophomore
Nickname: Big Headed Dwarf
Comments: Matched up with Hanamichi Sakuragi. A pretty good player, but not to the level of Sendoh and Rukawa. In the past he has only been able to play basketball on the streets. He aims to be Sendoh's partner in joint attacks. In his heart he seeks only to reach his objective. As a player he is very skilled at scoring, but in defending he is very weak. He too has show interest in Hanamichi's ability. 

Name: Koshino Hiroaki
Jersey No: 6
Position: Forward
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Grade: Sophomore
Comments:Unwilling to be defeated attitude keeps Koshino in the Ryonan team front line. Also he is prety good at defending, and passing. Hanamichi's attitude isn't much tolerated with Koshino. 

Name:Uekusa Tomoyuki
Jersey No: 8
Position: Forward
Height:170 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Grade: Sophomore
Comments:As a player he has great speed and defensive capability. 

Name:Ikegami Ryoji
Jersey No: 5
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 83 kg
Comments:3rd year like Uozumi, and a great defensive player. Calm and has great stamina, will see his task through to the end. 

Name: Sugadaira
Jersey No: 11
Position: Center
Comments: He is the replacement center of the team. He plays when Uozomi was fouled out during the Ryonan vs Kainan game and when Uozomi was benched during the Ryonan vs Shohoku game. Even though he tries to give his all, he cannot match to the centers of Kanagawa, especially with Akagi 

Name:Aida Hikoichi
Jersey No:
Comments:Information gatherer of Ryonan, obssessed with reporting information about players. Has a great great Admiration for Sendoh. He also admires Hanamichi and constantly blagging to Taoka that Hanamichi is Shohoku's next captain after Akagi. 

Ryonan's coach, and in the past he has tried to get the perfect team consisting of Uozumi, Sendoh, Rukawa, Mitsui and Ryota. However three of them went to join Anzai sensei. In his mind he is absolutely confident in Sendoh, and would think Sendoh is his great achievement in his basketball coaching. He too is shocked by Hanamichi's ability and knows a future threat to Ryonan. Taoka is also adversary to Kainen, particularly its coach Riki Takato. (When they were young, High school basketball days, they were against each other.)